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Exp% I am satisfied with what I learned in this course. I regularly attended class or participated in my online class.I see the importance of this course as a necessary part of my college education. I worked on class-related activities the following number of hours per week:The instructor clearly communicates in writing. The instructor clearly communicates verbally. The instructor communicates clear lesson objectives.The instructor demonstrates fairness when dealing with students. The instructor encourages students to use technology in course assignments.The instructor exhibits professionalism.The instructor generates a class atmosphere that promotes learning. The instructor gives assignments and exams related to course content. The instructor is available for open communication.The instructor is receptive to questions and comments from students. The instructor is well prepared for classes/lessons.The instructor knows the subject matter.The instructor provides adequate and timely feedback on assignments and exams. The instructor routinely engages students in a variety of activities in addition to lecture.The instructor uses assignments to increase understanding of subject matter.The instructor’s teaching style engages students. The instructor’s use of technology helped improve my understanding of course material.Overall
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)Art (AR)Ward, Morgan 4 7 57 3.843.843.844.843.843.843.843.843.543.843.843.843.843.844.044.043.543.843.843.843.84 3.7
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)Drama (DR)Goodding, Micah 7 26 27 3.973.973.374.674.063.763.973.973.773.973.863.973.973.973.973.973.973.763.773.773.77 3.8
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)English (EG)Lafosse, Gus 6 9 67 3.854.063.565.763.854. 3.8
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)English (EG)Skinner, Jereme 8 14 57 2.383.882.585.382.382.482.882.583.083.082.483.172.772.883.183.582.582.362.672.172.07 2.7
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)History and Government (HG)Hunter, Derek 8 11 73 3.983.673.584.483.183.683.883.583.363.983.583.973.673.373.983.883.473.073.073.383.07 3.5
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)History and Government (HG)Jaquess, Travis 15 30 50 4.0153.9153.9154.3153.9143.8123.8143.8143.9153.8153.8133.9153.9153.9143.9154.0143.8153.8133.9153.7154.014 3.8
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)History and Government (HG)Moser, Ricky 24 31 77 3.7243.9243.5244.2243.6233.7233.7243.7243.8233.8233.6233.8233.8243.8243.7243.9243.8243.7193.6243.6223.724 3.7
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)Music (MU)Kaan, Jonathan 12 29 41 3.8123.7123.5114.5123.8123.893.7123.8113.7123.8123.7123.8123.8123.8123.7123.8113.8123.6113.6123.8123.812 3.7
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)Social/Behavioral Science (SB)Arandia, Mark 7 28 25 3.973.773.475.173.673.563.773.773.673.773.773.773.773.773.673.773.973.673.773.673.67 3.7
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)Social/Behavioral Science (SB)Boyd, Yulonda 12 27 44 3.7123.7123.6124.3123.5123.6123.5123.7123.6123.7123.5113.7123.8123.6123.7123.6113.7123.6123.7123.6113.512 3.6
Arts and Mathematical Sciences (AMS)Social/Behavioral Science (SB)Lewis, Joseph 15 22 68 3.5153.9143.2154.3153.4153.5153.5153.6143.4153.7153.4153.5143.7153.7153.5153.8142.7153.3153.4143.1153.415 3.4
Longview, Business and Computer Science (LBC)Computer Science-2 Year (CP)Dennis, Ginger 3 27 11 3.733.733.336. 3.9
Grand Total: 121261463.71203.81193.51204.61213.51173.61113.61193.71183.61183.71203.51143.71173.71193.71193.71213.81173.51203.51073.51183.51163.51183.6