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May mini 2019 - 2020 Lab Course Evaluations

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Exp% A safe laboratory environment was maintained throughout the semester.Activities in lab reinforced concepts studied in lecture.Course content and lab activities were related to student learning outcomes.Supplies and equipment were adequate and available for each lab.Tests and assignments were an accurate way to measure my knowledge of course material.Tests and assignments were returned within a reasonable time.The instructor had a sufficient number of grades to determine my lab grades.The lab facility space was appropriate for adequate instruction.The lab grading system was explained.The labs were prepared and material was presented in an organized manner.The organization of groups was fair and equitable.The student to faculty ratio was appropriate for adequate instruction and maximum learning.The written materials were useful, up-to-date, and understandable.I would recommend this lab instructor to another student.The instructor demonstrated fairness in dealing with students.The instructor generated a class atmosphere which promotes learning.The instructor monitored the laboratory activities.The instructor provided feedback during the activities.The instructor was familiar with lab techniques and current technology.Overall
Science and Health Sciences (SHS)Biology (BI)Simpson, Nicholas 3 11 27 3.0
Grand Total *: 311273. 
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Created: October 5, 2020